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    We design, build, install and maintain complete digital printing solutions for labels & packaging, document & commercial and folding carton. The same goes for ThermoFlexX, our specialist in flexo and letterpress plate makers, and basysPrint, CTP for digital imaging of offset printing plates experts

  • CTP packaging

    CTP Packaging Europe is a marketing and sales company that is active in the In-Mould industry as well as in specialised packaging. Over the years we have gathered a vast knowledge and experience in the field of IML material, printing, die cutting and which materials to use for the various IML applications.

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Shrink Polypropylene Film

SPP Film특수 폴리프로필렌 수지를 이용한 열수축 필름이며 적당한 온도의 수축터널을 통과하여 수축시키는 방법을 취하고 유가공 TRAY제품, 컵라면, 서적 등 형태가 불규칙한 상품을 타이트하게 포장하는 데 이용되며 자동으로 여러 개를 포장하는 멀티포장 라인에도 유용하게 사용됩니다.

Product Usage


  • 컵라면 포장용


  • Bundle 포장용

Product Data

Film Type Thickness microns Yield m2/Kg Sealability Treatment Description
SPG 13 85.5 o x 경량물 포장용 수축필름
15 74.1 o x
20 55.6 o x
25 44.4 o x
SPH 13 85.5 o x 중량물 포장용 수축필름
15 74.1 o x
20 55.6 o x
25 44.4 o x