Filmax-Creating Customer Value

striving to excel in the quality standard of service

Business Principles

External audits from the company
Regular public disclosures of business
Strictly Profit-Oriented
Innovative business
Customer-centric Management
Promoting the best quality
Focusing on customer satisfaction

Filmax provides the Best quality and services

CEO's Message

From ‘food packaging to the environment’ Filmax is worth partnering with. In 1971, Filmax produced cellophane for the first time in Korea and soon expanded to packaging materials such as BOPP, CPP, SPP (biaxial stretching, non-stretch, shrinkable) films. We are honoured to be able to offer safety and convenience to our customers by working in close proximity with their processes. We are committed to creating a strong company trusted by its customers, stakeholders and employees by focusing on quality products for the future. Filmax is dedicated to fulfilling our corporate social responsibilities and contributing to a better, richer world through environmentally-friendly product development with humans at the centre. We will always strive to be a company that listens to its customers’ needs and we look forward to a warm partnership as we achieve our vision of being a world-class global packaging materials company. Thank you for your interest.

CEOKyung-taek Kim


  • Present ~ 2003
  • 2003 ~ 1974
Present ~ 2003
2023. 07 ISO45001(Occupational Health and Safety Management System) Obtained certification
2018. 03 Inauguration of CEO Kyung-taek Kim
2017. 05 Registered as Xeikon Aura Partners
2015. 04 ISO 14001 Obtained certification
2013. 03 Received the Presidential Commendation for the 40th Commercial Day
2012. 06 Started developing in-mold label
Awarded labor union award
Awarded labor union award
the Gumi Mayors Award for 20 Thousand Million Dollar Achievement
the Gumi Mayor's Award for 20 Thousand Million Dollar Achievement
2010 ~ 2004
2010. 06 Awarded Labor-Management Excellence Award
2009. 09 Acquired BCPI (Philippines) film factory
2009. 08 Awarded labor union award (Ministry of Labor)
2007. 09 Acquired INNOBIZ certification
2006. 11 Received the 41st Trade Day Citation
2005. 02 Received the Grand Prize of the National Assembly of the Trade Union Chairperson
2004. 11 Declared and implement management innovation plan
2004. 06 Received the Gumi Mayor's Award for 20 Thousand Million Dollar Achievement in Europe America Export
2004. 03 Held FILMAX Corporation's First Shareholder's General Meeting
2003 ~ 1974
2003. 07 Inauguration Ceremony of the Company
2003. 07 Filmax Shareholders' Meeting and Inauguration of the first president
2003. 05 Investor Consortium Organized by KDB, Financial Investors, Employees, and Others
2003. 05 KDB entered the agreement to take over Suttong's film Business
1995 ISO 9002 certified for the first time in Korea
1995 Constructed batch production system by intergrating facilities in Deokso factory, Gyeonggi-do to Gumi
1994 Established a local factory in Philippine
1990 Established Film Technology Research Institute
1987 Started coated film production
1985 Established Gumi factory in Gyeongbuk
1980 Started metalized film production Completed construction of Gumi factory, Gyeonsangbuk-do
1975 Started CPP production
1974 Started BOPP production in Deokso factory, Gyeonggi-do
Philippine local factory
Philippine local factory

Company Identity


Build Customers values FILL + MAXIMUM = Endless satisfaction
Keeping to custormer-centric minds

Maximize the use of films FILL + MAXIMIZE = Expanding the use of films
Promoting diverse use of film

World standard FILMAX FILL + AXIS(軸) = Axis of Film Industry
Positioning as the leading technology innovator

Limitless possibilities of FILMAX MAXIMAL + FILM= Pursue an unlimited challenge
FILMAX is where corporate growth starts with personal growth


The symbol mark of FILMAX expresses the spirit of leadership. the slanted handwriting and the stroke that extends lively from the letter X stands for the dynamic element of our company moving in a future oriented direction.
The use of the colors green and blue reflects briskness, and the form of the symbol encapsulates flexibility and practicality of film usage. It is the image of a clean and modern lifestyle.


  • Sales Division

    82-02. 2070. 1110

    #07242 .30, Eunhaeng-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Korea

  • Production Division

    82-054. 468. 5800

    #39376 .170, Sanho-daero, Gumi-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea

  • AMP

    - Super engineering plastics production and development
    - Shrink film packaging and exterior packaging film printing and bag processing
    - Production and development of precision nano coating

    043. 842. 3611

    #27466 .46, Cheomdansaneop 9-ro, Daesowon-myeon, Chungju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do, Korea

    충주AMP링크 map
  • BCPI

    +63. 46. 430. 2261

    Carmona City, Cavite, Philippines

    BCPI map